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2 floors of ‘Nakakan’ are remodeled as ‘Hermitage Floor’ and ‘Grace Floor’

The renewal concept so called ‘hotel in hotel’ is going to be a typical model as a partial renovation among middle and large size resort hotels in Japan. It usually takes a way to create higher grade special floor within a hotel. Along with remodeling of guest rooms, public facilities, such as special lounge and restaurant, provide only for guests in the specified floor is quite successful in the project.
NameBeppu Suginoi-Hotel
Address:1 Kankaiji, Beppu City, Ohita, Japan
Phone: 0977-24-1161 (for reservations)
Business hours9:00-22:30

‘Hotel in Hotel’ Renewal Concept
top images A
gaikan &kankaiji onsen

One of the largest resort hotels in Japan, Beppu Suginoi-Hotel in Ohita newly opened ‘Hermitage Floor’ and ‘Grace Floor’ on August 1, 2010.

The large size hotel is consisted of ‘Honkan (14-floor house), ‘Hana-kan (13-floor house), and ‘Nakakan (7-floor house). Total guest rooms are 592 in these 3 houses. This time, 30 guest rooms on both 5th and 6th floors in the ‘Nakakan House’ are remodeled. Open-air bath is equipped and imported Bulgarian amenity goods are provided in each room.

Beppu Suginoi-Hotel is located in ‘Kankaiji Onsen’ known as one of the eight Beppu hot spring resorts. The hotel stands on the hill and therefore you can observe fine view of Mt. Tsurumidake on the back and Shikoku Islands far away on the seaside on fine days. Especially from its grand bath ‘tanayu’ or tiered pool-style bath, you can enjoy seeing beautiful Beppu Bay over the city of Beppu.

Club Lounge on the ‘Hermitage Floor’
club lounge set

Room design is not so different in both floors, but a ‘Club Lounge’ is newly built on the 6th floor only for room guests in ‘Hermitage Floor’. Free soft drinks, magazines, PCs are provided in the club lounge.

Other privilege service in both floors is check-in at the special low counter, a pair of special design slip, and a choice of ‘Yukata’ or a cotton kimono.
emiltarge PC&yukata

Tow types of guest rooms
guest room set

Guest room faced to the forest side is furnished half in Japanese and half in European style consisting of a 6-mat tatami room and a twin bed room. It can accommodate 6 guests and rate per person including dinner and breakfast is over 17,000 yen in the ‘Grace Floor’. Additional 1,000 yen is required for a room in the ‘Hermitage Floor’.

Guest room faced to the sea is a European style. It can accommodate 4 guests with using a sofa bed and kangaroo bed and rate per person including dinner and breakfast is over 17,000 yen in the ‘Grace Floor’. Additional 1,000 yen is required for a room in the ‘Hermitage Floor’.

Open-air bath
entrance+ hinoki bathtub

Every guest room has an open-air bath. Local made ‘hinoki’ or Japanese cypress timber is used for wooden bathtub.

Both entrance area is furnished in traditional local bamboo works and ‘ontayaki ware (小鹿田焼) to distinguish from other floors in the ‘Nakakan house’.


View Beppu Suginoi-Hotel in a larger map

By TS on Feb 13, 2011
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Author:T. SATOH