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“The New Words-/The Buzzwords-Of-The-Year 2010 selected

The award presenting ceremony of “The New Words- / The Buzzwords-of -The-Year 2010 ” (/2010 ユーキャン新語・流行語大賞)was hosted by U-Can on Dec 1st.
The grand prix went to “Ge Ge Ge no…” (/ゲゲゲの~) and Nunoe Mura(/武良布枝),the author of the popular book “Ge Ge Ge no Nyobo”(/ゲゲゲの女房, The Wife Of Ge Ge Ge) received the award.

She is the wife of Shigeru Mizuki(/水木しげる),a famous cartoonist whose works especially describing monsters are quite popular. She wrote about the over 50 years of their married life as an autobiographic novel and the story was recently dramatized on TV this year and was quite popular nationwide as some other writers here referred to on this site before.
Nunoe Mura(/武良布枝) receiving the Grand Prex Award
(Nunoe Mura(/武良布枝) receiving the Grand Prix Award)

Mura’s husband, Mizuki,who is 88 years old, has been working as a popular cartoonist for more than 60 years, and is still currently being dedicated as one of the most well-known cartoonists in Japan today. The word “Ge Ge Ge” had been originally a nickname of Mizuki but was also a part of the name of his most well-known monster comic work ; “Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro ”(ゲゲゲの鬼太郎). That manga has been repeatedly made into anime and live movies. And as I wrote on a page here before, There is “Mizuki Shigeru Road” with many monster images of Mizuki’s works in Sakaiminato City Tottori Pref. that is his hometown, which is a very popular tourist destination many tourists visit.
gegegenokitaro gegegenokitaroueiga

Mura used “Ge Ge Ge No” for her book’s title and its TV drama and movie now are very popular.http://www.gegege-eiga.com/gegegenonyobo

By the way, this annual award event of buzzwords started in 1984 and candidates are chosen according to the popularity polls by ordinary readers of the current words dictionary series issued by U-Can, a big publisher of educational books and supplier of correspondence education programs. And The Top Ten Buzzwords and the Grand Prix Word are selected out of those candidates by the judging committee most of whose members are professional editors of the current words dictionary series.

The Grand Prix and The Top Ten Words of 2010 are as follows;

The Grand Prix of the year 2010 : ”ゲゲゲの~”(”・・・ Ge Ge Ge n…)

The other Top Ten Words are: ●”イクメン”(Ikumen, a young man dedicated to upbringing his child), ●”AKB48”(the name of the most popular young female idol group in Japan at the moment ), ●”女子会”(Jyoshikai, girls’ gatherings), ●”脱小沢”(Datsu-Ozawa, say good-by to Ozawa), ●”食べるラー油”(Taberu-rah-yu, the hot sesame oil you can eat), ●”ととのいました”(Totonoimashita, “I have just come up with an good idea”), ●”~なう(・・・Nau, ・・・Now, ・・・ing), ●”無縁社会”(Muen-shakai, alien social)  And The Special Award: ● ”何か持っていると言われ続けてきました。今日何を持っているのか確信しました・・・それは仲間です。”(Nanika motteiru to iwaretsuzukete kimashita. Kyoh naniwo motteirunoka kakushin shimashita… Sore wa nakama desu. “I have always been said to have something. Today I am convinced of what I have…My peers.” , a comment of Yuhki Saitoh, the captain of Waseda University baseball team, in an interview just after a wining game against Keio University in this October.)

Some words are dialogues of celebrities, some are new concepts or titles of works, and a name of a person or a group, all of which are reflectng the primary targets of people’s interest in society today.
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By TS on Dec 23, 2010
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Author:T. SATOH