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Renewal Project Added New Attractions to Spa “Yuraku”

“Kinugawa Onsen Hotel”, one of the large scale hotels in Kinugawa Onsen completed its renewal project in May 1, 2010.
Its total cost is said about 400 million yen and was the largest renewal since last renewal of Spa “Yuraku” in 2006. The project included redesign of lobby and reception area, dinning, and 170 guest rooms.
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NameKinugawa Onsen Hotel
Address:545 Taki, Kinugawa Onsen, Nikko City, Tochigi 321-2592, Japan
Phone: 0288-77-0025
Check in15:00Check out10:00

kinugawa onsen set

Kinugawa Onsen (鬼怒川温泉) is a hot spring resort in the city of Nikko, Tochigi, Japan (old name Shimotuke). The place is named after the Kinugawa River (lit. “Angry Demon River”), which flows through it. It is one of the major hot spring resorts in Kanto district usually compared with Hakone. Both are often called “Oku-zashiki”(guest room) of Tokyo. Located two hours by train from Tokyo, hot springs were first found in the area in the early Meiji period. The area was extensively developed for tourism in the 1970s, but has since experienced severe economic difficulties after a downturn caused by the 1990s recession, exacerbated by troubles at the insolvent Ashikaga Bank (a major local lender).

Kinugawa Onsen Hotel was also affected and had the financial problem however it has been improved under the support of governmental organization called “Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan(IRCJ)” .

Most attractive one among renewals is the “Stone Burning Oven” equipped in the buffet restaurant “Rakuen”(楽炎)which can cook high quality grilled dishes in front of their guests. It is expected to attract arrival guests and promote more people to come to the restaurant.
wood burning oven
(Buffet restaurant “Rakuen”(楽炎))

stone burning oven& food

A loss leader of the buffet restaurant “Rakuen” is “Stone Burning Oven”. The griller on the right cooks dishes of meat, fish, and vegetables. The oven on the left is for pizza.

Seating area of the Buffet restaurant
buffet seating area set

The buffet restaurant is totally redesigned. 12 private rooms are laid out along the Kinugawa River side cater for three-generation families and small groups. A part of the river side is reserved for guests having Kaiseki dinner.

The buffet can cater 330 guests at once. At dinner time, all seats are reserved for hotel guests, but guests can take any suitable seats at breakfast.

Open kitchen area
open kitchen
(Sushi, gyouza Chinese dumpling, beef steak and tempura are cooked in front of the guests.)

Lobby lounge “Dan”(暖)is another attraction that is redesigned with setting of a stove. Hotel guests can sit around the stove and enjoy chatting freely.

Lobby Lounge “Dan”
lobby lounge dan set

Current design of Japanese style stove is laid out in the lobby lounge. Marble and local tuff “Oyaishi” are used for the stove. The lounge is built as a relaxation space for hotel guests.
We would like to put attention to their hot spring facility as usual.

Spa “Yuraku”
(Inner Grand Baths)

2 grand baths

Wood framed grand bath “Keikoku-no-yu” and natural rock grand bath “Yusato were renewed in 2006. These two grand baths are alternatively used for men and women in scheduled time zoon.

Private inner and outdoor baths
private inner&outdoor bath


View Kinugawa Onsen Hotel in a larger map

By TS on Nov 11, 2010
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Author:T. SATOH