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Free Internet access to be made available at Narita airport

Free Internet access to be made available at Narita airport
AP - Jun 25, 2010

Narita International Airport Corp. said Thursday it will provide a free Internet connection service in one of its two airport terminal buildings from July 17 when a new high-speed train service commences. After clearing immigration, passengers will be able to use five desks to access a local area network with personal computers that can connect to wireless LAN services. The new Narita Sky Access train service will reduce the journey time between central Tokyo and the airport to less than 40 minutes. (AP)
Young, hip and hanging out at museums
Yomiuri - Jun 24, 2010

Museums in Japan are abuzz with visitors aplenty, more so than in any other nation--but they are not all solemn art lovers attempting to cultivate their tastes. Observers say the main contributing factor to booming attendances is a perception among young people that visiting museums is cool. The four most well-attended exhibitions worldwide last year were held in Japan, according to an international survey, and the number of visitors to national museums has nearly doubled over the past 10 years. The April issue of The Art Newspaper, a British monthly publication on visual arts, said Japan's love of museum exhibitions is "recession proof." The publication's survey of exhibition popularity, conducted annually and based on average daily attendance, ranked "The National Treasure Ashura and Masterpieces from Kofuku-ji" exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum as the most popular in the world last year, attracting 15,960 visitors per day. (Yomiuri)

Resort to sheer pleasure on Ishigaki Island
Japan Times - Jun 20, 2010
News photo
(Holiday idyll: Windsurfing is just one of many outdoor and indoor activities available for guests at Club Med Kabira Beach. The resort is seen here (above) on the coast overlooking glistening white beaches.

Want to get away from it all? Then why not fly 2,000 km toward the Equator from Tokyo to Ishigaki, the main island of the southerly Yaeyama group in Okinawa Prefecture. And once there, then treat yourself to a stay at Club Med Kabira Beach, where you can do almost anything you want - or nothing at all. From the airport, a hotel car makes a leisurely 40-minute drive along roads lined with palm trees and flowers to the resort in Kabira, which is known for its bay that's classed as one of the 100 most beautiful scenic spots in Japan. (Japan Times)

Ramen - Japan's super slurpy noodles
Guardian.Co.UK - Jun 18, 2010
An automated ticket dispenser at a ramen noodle restaurant in Tokyo, Japan
(An automated ticket dispenser at a ramen noodle restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.)

It is a comfort food to which millions turn when in need of a carbohydrate fix. It has inspired popular manga titles and films, and expert reviews of closely guarded recipes adorn countless magazines, books and blogs. Michelin may have declared Tokyo the greatest food city on earth last year, but you won't find a single étoile above the entrances to the thousands of restaurants serving Japan's de facto national dish: ramen. The noodle-broth combination, usually topped with vegetables, a hardboiled egg and chashu pork, originates from China but became a source of sustenance in postwar Japan. These days it is the food of the time-poor office worker, the student who demands satiation for their meagre yen, and, increasingly, for foreign visitors eager to forage deeper into Japan's culinary treasury - and all for about 700 yen a bowl. The Japanese archipelago has inspired myriad variations, from the spindly noodles in miso broth in Hokkaido in the north, to a thicker version immersed in a pork-based soup in Kyushu in the south-west. (guardian.co.uk)

Fireflies put on light show to help Kamakura shrine mark summer
Japan Times - Jun 14, 2010
News photo
(Aerial trail: A time-exposure photo shows hundreds of fireflies leaving illuminating traces in the
air Saturday evening at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture.)

Visitors to a major shrine in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, were treated to a Saturday night light show put on by 1,500 fireflies released for the event. At Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, 10 girls clad in priestess outfits from six countries, including Japan and Russia, released the fireflies into the air at around 7:30 p.m., drawing rousing cheers from the crowd. (Japan Times)

By T.S. on June 27, 2010
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