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Toyako Onsen (2) / Hokkaido / Japanese Hot Springs

Taking up herewith tourist atractions in the area of Toyako Onsen.

Toyako Onsen

Toya National Park's Lake Toya is one of Hokkaido's three most impressive landscapes. In 1910, as a result of the volcanic activity of Mt. Yosomi - one of Mt. Usu's parasitic cones, hot springs started to well out of the earth and onsen (hot springs) started to open up for business as far back as 1917.
Every year 3 million visitors come to the area to see and the active volcanoes and visit the activity centres which are set against the backdrop of Mt. Yotei - Hokkaido's very own Mt. Fuji.
The silky smooth spa waters are low in sodium content and beneficial for those suffering from chronic rheumatism and gastrointestinal disorders.

Toyako Summit Memorial Museum
G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Memorial Museum 

The G8 Summit was held at Toyako.
The actual "round table" that was used during the discussions is on display at Hokkaido Toyako Summit Museum. Also souvenirs that were presented to each country leaders and gifts from various countries are introduced.

•Open: 9:00 - 17:00
•Admission: Adult - ¥400 Child - ¥200
•Contact :Toyako Onsen Tourist Association
Tel: 0142-75-2446

Volcano Science Museum / Toyako Visitor Centre

Though Mt. Usu has erupted countless times, this museum focuses on the 1977 and March 2000 eruptions and introduces visitors to the volcanic activity through audio visual and interactive exhibits.
The Toyako Visitor Centre has exhibits on the local countryside and offers visitors information on the best ways to enjoy it.

Volcano Science Museum / Toyako Visitor Centre
Tel: 0142-75-2555

Konpira Crater Hazard Area

The Konpira Crater Hazard Area was established to teach future generations about the eruption of Mt. Usu in March 2000. The area has been preserved in the hope that it will teach us how to lessen the impact of future disasters and a trail wends it way around the remnants of buildings that have been left just as they were after the eruption.
Visitors can see the bridge that was washed away by a hot mudflow, volcanic mudslides and buildings buried in volcanic ash.

Open: End April - Beg. November

Nishiyama Crater Promenade

The promenade takes visitors close to the crater created in the March 2000 eruption. Just five minutes drive from the spa town, the crater promenade is often bustling with visitors. Lasting approximately 1hr in total, the walking trail takes you over ground forced up by the eruption and close to billowing craters and geothermal spots

Open: End April - Beg. November

Toyako Sculpture Park

This 'art gallery' encircles the lake and passes through both Toyako and Sobetsu towns. Spread over a distance of 43km this 'outdoor sculpture park where humans and nature can come together' contains a total of 58 works. It is a wonderful place for visitors to spend time and immerse themselves in the beautiful and artistic atmosphere of Lake Toya.

Lake Toya Pleasure Boats

The cruise boats run to the middle of the lake and the four islands that make up Nakajima Island. Surrounded by the sound of gently lapping waves, passengers look out at Mt. Yotei, Showa Shinzan and Mt. Usu and the magnificent surrounding countryside. No matter what the season, the views are always spectacular. Evoking images of times past, Japan's largest catamaran 'Espoir' floats on the lake like an illusionary castle and during the Long-Run Fireworks Nights, visitors can admire the display from the lake on our nightly firework boat trip

Contact: Toyako Kisen Co., Ltd. Tel: 0142-75-2137

Forest Museum

The first genuine auto-campsite in Hokkaido. With a total of 100 sites and bungalows set by the lakeshore the campsite offers immediate access to the lake.
Approx. 5 minutes drive from Toyako Onsen

Open: April ~ October
Admission: from ¥4,000 per site
Contact: Campsite Manager
Tel: 0142-75-3377

Tsukiura Forest Park

This park centres around the preserved remains of the holiday house that once belonged to the Toyako Tsukiura area pioneer Viscount Yasuaki Kato. A 1km trail winds its way through the park taking in rows of 100 year-old Japanese larch and a mysterious lake. The park is also home to owls and red squirrels.

Irie Shell Mound

The shell mound was discovered in 1942. In 1988, after it had been excavated, it was designated a national historic site and the park underwent improvements. The mound, which dates back to the latter part of the Jomon Period, looks out over Mt. Usu to the east and Uchiura Bay to the southwest. The small museum exhibits photos of the excavation and various excavated articles such as Jomon tools which give visitors an insight into the lifestyles of the Jomon people.

Open: April ~ November (9am ~ 5pm)
Admission: Adult ¥150 Child ¥100
Contact: Toyako Town Board of Education
Tel: 0142-76-2121

Usuzan Ropeway

A six minute glide to the mountain top.
There are two observation decks at the top of the mountain. 'Toyako Observation Deck' on the right looks out over Showa Shinzan and Lake Toya. A short seven minute walk to the 'Usuzan Crater Observation Deck' on the left gives views over the gaping Mt. Usu crater which was at the heart of the 1977 eruption and still smokes to this very day.

Closed occasionally during winter
Admission: Adult ¥1,450 Child ¥730
Contact: Usuzan Ropeway Tel: 0142-75-3113

Showa Shinzan Bear Park

The bear park, nicknamed 'hito no ori' (the human cage), is home to around 100 bears. The park's design allows visitors to feel the overwhelming power of the bears from the safe haven of the 'human cage'.
Approx. 10 minutes drive from Toyako Onsen

Open year round
Admission: Adult ¥800 Child ¥500
Contact: Showa Shinzan Bear Park Tel: 0142-75-2290

Showa Shinzan Glass Museum

The museum houses exhibits from all over the world from glass accessories and tableware to chandeliers. Some of the exhibits are for sale.

Open year round
Contact: Showa Shinzan Glass Museum Tel: 0142-73-3300

By T.S. on Feb 16, 2010
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