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KANSAI & WEST / Kyoto's maiko pin hopes on craftsman

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Taking up herewith Kansai and Kyoto News by Media.
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KANSAI & WEST / Kyoto's maiko pin hopes on craftsman
Jul 2, 2009 by Yomiuri

KYOTO--A 53-year-old craftsman in Kyoto has been busy making floral hairpins to be worn by maiko during the Gion Festival this month, keeping alive techniques that date back to the late Edo period (1603-1867).
Mitsuo Sadanaga, who runs floral hairpin manufacturer Kintakedo in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, is making the hairpins especially for the festival, which features a parade of elaborate floats on July 17 and is the highlight of the Kyoto summer and one of the three main festivals of Japan. ...

KANSAI & WEST / Antique Gion Festival tapestry replaced
Jul 2, 2009 by Yomiuri

KYOTO--A tapestry for the Naginata-boko float that plays a major role in the Gion Festival in Kyoto was replaced with a new one for the first time in 254 years.
The 66-centimeter-high, 3.75-meter-long decoration is to hang from the upper right side of the float, according to the group preserving the float. Embroidered on the red cloth are three galloping mythical beasts.  ...

KANSAI & WEST / Kobe pearls book published
Jul 2, 2009 by Yomiuri

KOBE--A recently published book, which contains 18 essays and interviews along with photos and other data, aims to be the bible of the Kobe pearl industry.
Yoshiaki Ogawa, publisher of the book and president of Mizuki Pearl Co. in Chuo Ward, Kobe, said, "I hope the book will provide useful information on pearls and also drive local pearl traders to consolidate to launch 'Kobe brand' pearls."  ...

KANSAI & WEST / Artist named St. Petersburg friendship ambassador
Jul 2, 2009 by Yomiuri

KYOTO--Misaki Ando, an Osaka-based artist, was appointed Ambassador of Friendship of St. Petersburg, which will mark the 30th anniversary of its sister-city relationship with Osaka in August, The Daily Yomiuri has learned.
The 65-year-old artist's contribution to bilateral cultural exchanges through twice holding exhibitions of his work in Russia and helping to exhibit Russian children's artwork in Japan was recognized by the governor of St. Petersburg, said Russian Consul General in Osaka Ivan Prokhorov during a recent gathering in Kyoto. ...

KANSAI & WEST / TOURING ANCIENT TEMPLES / Koyasan's quest for westward expansion
Jun 25, 2009 by Yomiuri

This 14th installment of the "Touring Ancient Temples" series focuses on a Swiss monk who lives in the sacred Koyasan area in Wakayama Prefecture and travels the globe to promote the Buddhist mountain as an international tourist destination.
KOYACHO, Wakayama--Set in a lofty alpine basin, this unique Buddhist town offers stunning architecture in a lush, serene natural environment and promises a peek into the mysteries of monks' traditional lifestyle. It is a profoundly beautiful and exciting place well known for its religious significance, and in the past decade it has also become very popular as a destination for foreign visitors. ...

KANSAI: Who & What
Jun 27, 2009 by The Japan Times

The Kyoto Seishu Netsuke Art Museum will hold a summer special exhibition from Wednesday to July 31.
"Netsuke" are button-sized kimono accessories that were often used in the Edo Period (1603-1867) to hang "inro" (pill boxes) and tobacco containers from obi. ...

Banishing 'Colonel Curse' May Help Osaka Economy
Jun 24, 2009 by Bloomberg

“People here are crazy about the Tigers, and there is a close relationship between the team’s performance and the local economy,” Miyamoto said. He estimates there are 8.5 million Tiger fans in Kansai, the district encompassing Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto and comprising Japan’s second-biggest population center. The team’s home stadium, Koshien, is in Hyogo prefecture, west of Osaka. ...
By T.S. on Jul 4, 2009

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