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Recent Kansai & West News

COOL JAPANESE SCENE / Kansai & Kyoto (32) / Kansai & Kyoto (34)

Taking up herewith recent "Kansai & West News" by Yomiuri and Kyoto Shinbun.
The recent Kansai and Kyoto Scene will be read via these News.
KANSAI&WEST / Small towns find new ways to get around 
Jun 18, 2009 by Yomiuri

Kazuo Hirose / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

OSAKA--On-demand transportation, which provides customers with "door-to-door" service, is becoming increasingly popular in areas with limited public transportation.
According to the Construction and Transport Ministry, 224 municipalities were operating on-demand transportation systems as of April 2008. In many cases, local governments, chambers of commerce or other public bodies enlist a bus or taxi company to provide the service. ...

KANSAI&WEST / Kyoto's chori/Doji puts modern spin on tradition 
Jun 18, 2009 by Yomiuri

Hiroko Ihara / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

KYOTO--A Kyoto-based performance duo with deep cultural connections is putting a new spin on tradition with its blend of kyogen comic drama and modern poetry.
The avant-garde duo of award-winning contemporary poet chori, 24, and Doji, 26, a kyogen actor, will perform at 5 p.m. on July 12 at the Art Complex 1928 building in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, under a culinary theme.
When the duo performs at the naturally lit art deco venue, chori will read poems to a background of hip hop and other styles of music, while Doji improvises using kyogen techniques. ...

KANSAI&WEST / Archives bring Kurosawa's legacy online (Jun.18)
Jun 18, 2009 by Yomiuri

KYOTO--More than 27,000 items documenting the life and career of legendary film director Akira Kurosawa--including hand-written memos, annotated screenplays, storyboards and photographs--have been collected in digital archives accessible to the public via the Internet.
Kurosawa Production Co. in Yokohama and Ryukoku University in Kyoto jointly initiated the project in March 2005, intending to expose younger generations in particular to Kurosawa's masterpieces and help them learn from his achievements. ...

Gion Festival "Sacred Children" Await Riding Horses
Goto and Yagi Selected
Jun 15, 2009 by Kyoto Shinbun

On June 15, Ayatokunaka Shrine in Kuzekamikuze-cho, Minami Ward, Kyoto, announced this year's children who will be "Kuze-Komagata-chigo," or sacred children on horseback who lead portable shrines in the "Shinko-sai" and "Kanko-sai" rituals of Gion Festival.

Jun 13, 2009 by Kyoto Shinbun

Approximately 300 Chinese Bellflowers started blooming at Tentokuin Temple, a sub-temple of Tofuku-ji Temple, in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto. Pretty purple and white bellflowers add color to the mossy garden
Jun 12, 2009 by Kyoto Shinbun

Hydrangeas are now in full bloom at Mimurotoji Temple in Todo, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, which is known as the temple of flowers. The brilliant flowers emerged from darkness during the trial illumination carried out on June 11, the beginning of the rainy season.

KANSAI&WEST / DISCOVERING ASUKAMURA / The seldom heard sound of ancient Asuka
Jun 11, 2009 by Yomiuri

Akino Yoshihara / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

This fourth installment of the "Discovering Asukamura" series looks at efforts to preserve the Yagumogoto, a two-stringed koto that produces distinctive plaintive tones evocative of the ancient Asuka region.

ASUKAMURA, Nara--The Yagumogoto, a two-stringed koto, is seldom heard these days, even compared to other ancient traditional Japanese instruments. But a group of local women here is working to keep the instrument's ancient repertoire alive. ...

KANSAI&WEST / English theater seeks new members (Jun.11)
Jun 11, 2009 by Yomiuri

OSAKA--Youth Theatre Japan, which provides training in dance, singing and acting for people aged 6 to 22 and stages productions in English a few times a year, is seeking applicants for upcoming auditions to choose new members.
The nation's first full-scale youth theater group for performance in English was established in spring last year by Kazuhiko Nishijima, 39, with the help of actors of the Shiki Theatre Company, one of the leading theater companies in the nation, as well as university professors, English teachers and businesspeople. ...

KANSAI&WEST / Braille power changing perceptions (Jun.4)
Jun 4, 2009 by Yomiuri

Kahori Sakane Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

OSAKA--To mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille, the man who devised the raised- point reading and writing system for the blind, the National Museum of Ethnology is preparing a special exhibition emphasizing the advantages brought by the inability to see.
"Society has long considered the visually impaired to be weak," said Kojiro Hirose, associate professor of the museum in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, who is himself blind.
"But I want to wipe out such negative ideas and advocate a positive view, that the other senses and other abilities of the blind are keener, meaning they can attain greater enjoyment from different aspects of life," Hirose said. ...
By T.S. on Jun 21, 2009
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