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TELEVIEWS / Japanese TV's good and bad surprises

COOL JAPANESE SCENE / Japanese Scene (65) / Japanese Scene (67)

Taking up herewith Japanese Culture Trend News by Yomiuri Shinbun.
Japanese Culture Trend might be able to be understood.
Quiz shows & Accolades: 'Slumdog Millionaire' author Vikas Swarup talks about his novel's cinematic journey
Apr 17, 2009 by Tom Baker / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

Vikas Swarup's 2005 novel Q&A, about a young resident of Mumbai's vast Dharavi slum who somehow wins a fortune on a quiz show, became the basis of which of the following dramatic productions?
A. A prize-winning audiobook
B. A prize-winning radio play
C. A prize-winning movie
D. All of the above
Can't guess? Let the author himself supply the answer....Full story>>

Robots take Miraikan
Apr 17, 2009 by Tom Baker / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

The Terminator characters played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in popular movies in 1984, 1991 and 2003 may look human on the outside, but eventually their flesh is peeled away and you see something different: They are actually menacing, skeletonoid robots. ...Full story>>

Mysterious 'Eden of the East'
Apr 17, 2009 by Aiko Komai / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

Fuji TV's new animated series Eden of the East is causing a stir among viewers for a reason rare in the world of modern anime: It is a completely original product, not based on a manga or some other work.
Popular mangaka Chika Umino is behind the look of the characters for the 11-episode series, the screenplay for which was written by Kenji Kamiyama, director of the hits Stand Alone Complex and Guardian of the Spirit. ..Full story>>

SOFT POWER, HARD TRUTHS / Seattle reaps 13-million-dollar Sakura dividend 
Apr 17, 2009 by Roland Kelts / Special to The Daily Yomiuri

Seattle reaps 13 million dollars Sakura dividendAbout 9,000 American anime fans, double the 2008 tally, preregistered to attend last weekend's 12th annual "Sakura Con"--the Pacific Northwest's massive Japanese pop culture convention, now one of the largest in the United States. ...Full story>>

Ryoji Ikeda's infinite possibilities
Apr 17, 2009 by Cristoph Mark / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

The merging of science and art is nothing new; since ancient times, one has been integral to the other. But the portrayal of mathematics through abstract art has rarely been so direct or intense as in the work of Ryoji Ikeda. ...Full story>>

TELEVIEWS / Japanese TV's good and bad surprises
Apr 17, 2009 by Wm. Penn

It's the endless surprises that keep Japanese TV fascinating. April 11, Case 1: Fleeing Hokkaido celebrity Yoshitake Tanaka's promotion of his famed caramels on TBS's new Kizuna Restaurant (Saturdays, 6:55 p.m.), I switched to NTV's Top Lessons Special, only to be immediately accosted by a gargantuan Tanaka caramel. ...Full story>>
By T.S. in Apr., 2009
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