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Cool Japan Guide / 30 must-have souvenirs from Japan (5)

Have you ever happened to be in a foreign country, to wish to bring home some souvenir and to be unable to decide what to buy? In Japan, this may be an interesting topic, since there are so many options.

(Koma / 独楽)
21/30 Koma

(Rotating Koma)

Another traditional Japanese toy, koma is a spinning top, a toy that can be spun on an axis, balancing on a point. Koma are carved from wood, carefully painted with various motifs. Japanese manufacturers have reached a very high degree of craftsmanship and sophistication, with new and inventive designs coming out every year.

22/30 Medal coins

(Medal coins)

The medal coins are cheap but effective souvenirs, highly collectible, with hundreds of thousands of people collecting them. Me too, I already own a quite nice collection.

Travel tip:
Since they are not using penny coins as raw material, the medal coin machines from Japan produce higher quality medals. You can find them in tourist areas, museums or trains stations. Just look for a machine looking like that.

23/30 Noren

(Noren / 暖簾)

Noren are traditional Japanese split curtains, often used at the entrance in restaurants or shops, to protect against sun, wind and dust, also used as shop signs, advertising or to signify if the place is open for business. They are made in many different materials, sizes, colors and patterns. Noren are used inside homes as space dividers or decorations, so they are also sold as souvenirs.

Travel tip:
If you wish to buy a noren, since it is not a frequently sold souvenir, it may not be displayed as an object for sale, so you may need to ask the seller at the shops selling fabric souvenirs.

24/30 Matcha Tea Sets

(Matcha Tea Sets)

Matcha is the well known finely-milled Japanese green tea used at the Japanese tea ceremony. A set of matcha accessories must include the matcha bowls, the natsume tea caddies, the furui matcha sifter, the chashaku scoops, the chasen bamboo tea whisk and thekusenaoshi whisk keepers. If this seems too much, buy at least a chasen bamboo tea whisk; you simply cannot make matcha without it.

25/30 Bento Box

(Bento Box / 弁当箱)

Bento is a meal, often consisting of rice, fish or meat and cooked vegetables, usually served in a specially divided box.

The bento boxes, made from lacquered wood, appeared around the year 1600 and remained popular until today, even if today plastic bento boxes are often used. Since bento became popular outside Japan, a hand crafted wooden lacquered bento box is not only a great souvenir but also an item of great use at home.
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By TS on Jun 19, 2012
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Author:T. SATOH