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Sumida River to light up with LED fireflies

Huge traffic jams, torrential rain mar second half of Golden Week holidays
Japan Times - May 4, 2012

Expressways and train stations across the country struggled to cope with a Golden Week exodus Thursday, as travelers took advantage of the beginning of a four-day holiday to escape from the daily grind but in the process brave massive downpours. (Japan Times)
Sumida River to light up with LED fireflies
Japan Times - May 4, 2012
News photo
(Lighten up: Sumida River is expected to shine during the Tokyo Hotaru Festival.)

Japan isn't a difficult place to live. If you want to eat Mexican food, there are Mexican restaurants. If you want to buy brand-name British clothes, there are shops and websites that deliver. So Tokyo Hotaru Festival asks the question: What does Tokyo, where you can get anything, really need now? (Japan Times)

Matsue's ghost tour still popular
Japan Times - May 4, 2012
News photo
(Popular: Participants take in Matsue's ghost sights in Ehime Prefecture on Tuesday.)

A set of steps haunted by the ghost of a geisha slaughtered by a samurai, a graveyard filled with the eerie cries of babies, and a huge stone turtle that roams around in the dead of night are just some of the attractions featured in the popular ghost tour of Matsue, Ehime Prefecture. (Japan Times)

Osaka, Japan's most dangerous city safe compared to USA?
prweb.com - May 3, 2012

As statistics show from Odomon Japan Statistics, Osaka has the highest crime rate in Japan both as a city and a prefecture with more rapes and murders than any other city. While this may come to a surprise to foreigners it certainly does not surprise the locals who are all uniformly weary of a certain location in Osaka: Nishinari-ku, a district which is notorious for being the most dangerous place in the city, serving as a hide-out for criminals, hangout for the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) and home to Japan's largest Red Light District (Tobita). (prweb.com)

Highways jammed with returning holidaymakers
tbsnewsi - May 1, 2012

Tokyo's highways experienced long traffic jams Monday night as holidaymakers returned from the first half of Golden Week holidays. (tbsnewsi)

Sky Tree holds drill against terror attack
Japan Times - May 1, 2012

Some 1,900 people took part Monday in a terrorism-response drill at Tokyo Sky Tree based on the assumption that a toxic liquid like sarin was released on the 350-meter-high main observation deck. (Japan Times)

Japan's largest McDonald's opens in Harajuku Omotesando
Japan Today - Apr 30, 2012

McDonald's Japan on Sunday opened its largest store in Japan. The Harajuku Omotesando Branch occupies 795 square meters and seats 328 customers. (Japan Today)

Shimokitazawa and Japanese Craft Beer
GaijinCh - Apr 30, 2012

Shinjuku, Akihabara, Harajuku, Shibuya... Even lacking context, there's a degree of familiarity in these names even for those uninitiated in Tokyo's bustling local districts. Brimming with impressive sights and sounds, there's a lot to love about Japan's tantalizing metropolis, but in a city of such scale and diversity, there lies hidden nearly an infinite number of places and people that convey the nature of the country and its personality that go largely undiscovered or underappreciated. (GaijinCh)

Holiday rush kicks in; many flocking to see Tohoku
Japan Times - Apr 29, 2012

Major airports, highways and railway stations across the nation were crowded with vacationers Saturday as the annual Golden Week spring holiday season began, with departures for overseas destinations peaking at Narita airport. (Japan Times)

Kamakura's historic 'flowering garden'
Japan Times - Apr 29, 2012
News photo
(Raw beauty: With only minor adjustments, the rocky bluff at the rear of Zuisen-ji Temple has
been co-opted as a dry-landscape garden — though one which controversially boasts
a small spring-fed pond crossed by a miniature bridge leading to a cave.)

When I meander through the gardens of Zuisen-ji Temple, I'm always reminded of a particular haiku by the 17th-century poet Matsuo Basho, which goes: Fading temple bell / The fragrance of flowers strikes / At evening. (Japan Times)

By TS on May 7, 2012
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